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About JJ: recipe development // food photography & styling // content creation // writing // web design & build // business consulting // social media strategy. In short I make stuff, bake stuff and write stuff - and really, as long as there is cake and tea no one will get hurt.

Most of what I have to say is slightly long-winded, tinged with sarcasm and covered with a good dusting of cocoa powder – take it as you will. If you still want more there's always Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin.

One dish down one to go! Eating the props. Ping @vanityfare1 #bushtucker #foodphotography #instagrammers #foodporn #instafood # #picoftheday

One dish down one to go! Eating the props. Ping @vanityfare1 #bushtucker #foodphotography #instagrammers #foodporn #instafood # #picoftheday

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#instagrammers  #foodporn  #foodphotography  #instafood  #bushtucker  #picoftheday 
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